Forms and Applications

Ringgold Business Forms

City Council Agenda Request Form 

Non-Profit Food Vendor Registration Application 

Cell Tower Administrative Application 

Alcohol Beverage Tax Report 

Authorized Agent

Ringgold Fee Schedule 

Dumpster or Commercial Trash Receptacle Application

E-Verify Form & Information

Extra Garage Can Request – Business

Facade Grant Application

Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax Report

Liquor By The Drink License

Malt Beverage License

Massage Parlor License Application

Occupational Tax Application

Open Records Request

Pawnbrokers License Application

Peddlers and Solicitors Permit Application

Privilege License Application

Sign Permit

Special Facility Use Agreement Policy and Application

U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services Link

Water Service Request Form

Zoning Request Application

Ethics Complaint Form 


Georgia Dept. of Labor

New Employee Work Eligibility


Development Forms

Right of Way Encroachment 

Building Site Plan

City of Ringgold Schedule of Fees

Erosion, Sedimentation & Pollution Control Plan Checklist

Land Disturbing Activity

Land Disturbing Permit

Sanitary Sewer Extension Application

Sewer Extension Checklist

State NPDES Permit


Ringgold Resident Forms

Golf Cart Registration 

Authorized Agent Form

Automatic Bank Draft Form

City of Ringgold Schedule of Fees

Down Home Christmas Parade Application

Extra Garbage Can Request – Residential

Curb-side Recycling Application

Military Service Flag Memorial Information Form

Ringgold Youth Council Application

Public Board Statement of Interest for Committee

Water Service Request Form

Zoning Request Application


Police Forms


Parade and Procession Request Form

Public Service Announcement Request


Rental Facilities Forms 

Ringgold Depot Rental Agreement 

Patriot Hall Rental Agreement 

Ringgold Market Pavilion Rental Agreement 

Alcohol Caterer Application 

Kiwanis Pavilion Reservation Agreement 

Little General Childrens Park Pavilion Rental Agreement